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Amnesia Haze Auto
Amnesia Haze Auto is exactly what it sounds like – an autoflowering version of one of the top 10 Sativa-dominant hybrids of all time. An Amsterdam classic like no other, grab a few seeds today and join the fun!
Providing the same euphoric sensation and mirroring the spicy, sweet flavours of the original Amnesia, this auto strain boasts a significantly reduced growing period and a slightly smaller maximum height.
Amnesia Haze Auto is all about picking you up, and keeping you lifted for hours on end. As soon as you light up, strap in tight because you're heading for a soaring, cerebral ride that really does get you moving and shaking.
With THC levels ranging between 16%-19%, you can expect a potent and fast-acting high that stimulates the mind without overwhelming. No anxiety or paranoia with this one, but all the creative sparks.
Amnesia Haze Autoflower is not only reserved for recreational pursuits. The uplifting and energizing nature of the high has been known to provide relief for those suffering from depression, anxiety, and fatigue.
The strain's ability to enhance focus and promote creative thinking also makes it a popular choice for individuals with ADHD or ADD. Pain relief is at a maximum also with Amnesia Haze Auto.
A pretty unique blend of orange citrus with floral overtones on the inhale and it turns to a deeper, citrus-dominant flavour on the exhale. And then there's the undertone of dank, dense pine - just to take the edge off.
A little harsher than your average autoflower, Amnesia Haze Auto is best consumed through a water pipe or vaporizer. This will help to cool down the smoke and bring out all of its complex nuances.
Amnesia Haze is up there with the 'easiest-to-grow' options in The Auto Seeds entire back catalogue, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned veteran.
Being an autoflowering strain, it doesn't require much attention and can thrive in most environments. For optimal results, Auto Seeds recommend growing it indoors with a 20/4 light cycle and providing plenty of space for the plant to stretch its limbs.
Keep away from all HST techniques (topping, lollipopping, supercropping), but LST to hearts content and ScrOG netting is almost essential to control the height.
As Amnesia Haze Autoflower progresses into the flowering stage, its visual appeal becomes undeniable.
The foxtail-shaped buds aren’t the densest in existence (thanks Sativa genetics), but they develop a rich covering of trichomes that give the buds a frosty, almost glittery appearance. They grow chunky, with not much red or purple but a vibrant green hue highlighted by the orangest pistils.
Grab a few seeds and immerse yourself in '90s Dutch coffee shop culture. Amnesia Haze Auto is an iconic strain that offers a fun and uplifting high, making it perfect for social gatherings or creative pursuits.
Plus, with its compact size and easy growth process, anyone can successfully cultivate this legendary strain without much effort.

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