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Auto Seeds Durban Poison Auto
Durban Poison Autoflower, a Sativa-dominant hybrid, perfectly combines the landrace genetics of the South African queen of green “Durban Poison” with a dash of Ruderalis genetics, delivering a cultivar that is equal parts quick to grow and punchy in potency.
Durban Poison Autoflower sticks close to her landrace Sativa roots. The high is all about that 'up' feeling, with a fast-acting, energetic rush as soon as you light this one up.
The THC content floats around the 25% mark, depending on the growing conditions. Keep the temps a little warmer and the humidity down for the entire grow to reach that max potency and run her hydro if you have the setup.
The initial Sativa rush only continues, with almost no trace of Indica effects - expect a euphoric, creative, and uplifting high that will keep you productive and focused for a good few hour. Perfect for rainy days, long nights, and any time you need a little pick-me-up.
Like her OG photoperiod sister, Durban Poison Auto is a popular choice for medical users due to its energetic and uplifting effects. Medical patients report that Durban Poison Auto helps combat fatigue, depression, and stress, making her a top choice for those seeking natural relief. The high THC content makes her a great choice for managing chronic pain and migraines as well.
Durban Poison Auto again stays true to her landrace roots, with an 'old-school' flavour and aroma with hints of earthy, piney, citrus notes and a constant undercurrent of aniseed. The exhale is more savoury than sweet, but a subtle nod of vanilla lingers along for the ride.
The terpene profile is dominated by Myrcene and Limonene, but also notable is the presence of Beta-Caryophyllene, giving Durban Poison Auto a unique twist on her classic taste.
Sure, it's a little different to the usual Kush or Cookie strains on offer, but that's what makes Durban Poison Auto so special.
Durban Poison Autoflower is pretty well suited to both indoor and outdoor growth, but the climate does need to be right.
She prefers a warm, sunny climate with low humidity, but her Ruderalis genetics make her a little more resilient to cooler temps than most photoperiodic Sativa options.
Expect a vegetative growth stage of around four weeks before flowering automatically kicks in. It important to give her everything she needs from day one, from the right soil/medium and nutrients to a powerful light source. Full sun for outdoor growers, or LED/HID for indoors.
For a Sativa-dominant strain, Durban Poison Autoflower is surprisingly bushy, usually maxing out at around 60 cm to 110 cm. She is a great candidate for a combination of LST and ScrOG, where you can train her outwards to increase light penetration and canopy airflow.
The Sativa genetics keep the buds a little less dense than a lot of the strains dominating the rec scene right now, but the size of the flowers is ridiculous, especially for an auto.
The buds are usually a vibrant light green, interspersed with vivid orange pistils, offering a striking contrast that pops. The trichome covering is rich, almost dripping.
It's pretty rare to see landrace genetics offered in autoflower form, and even rarer to find an option that actually sticks close to those roots. With Durban Poison Autoflower, you get the best of both worlds - a quick-growing autoflower with all the classic characteristics of one of the most iconic Sativa strains in the world.
Her high potency (20%+ THC, sometimes topping 25%), energetic effects, huge yield potential (400-500gr/m²), unique but also delicious fragrance and taste, plus the crazy fast turnaround of just 11 weeks from seed to harvest make Durban Poison Autoflower a must-have addition to any grower's collection.
Durban Poison x Ruderalis

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THC Content:
Durban Poison x Ruderalis
Harvest Month:
11 Weeks from seed
Medical properties:
Fatigue, Depression, Stress, Chronic Pain, Migraines
Plant height:
Flowering type:
Earthy, Pine, Citrus, Aniseed
Earthy, Pine, Citrus, aniseed
Mostly Sativa (80% Sativa 20% Indica)
400-500 gr/m2
Creative, Energising, Uplifting
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