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Auto Seeds Northern Lights Auto
Northern Lights Autoflower is as close to the original Northern Lights strain as it gets. This almost pure Indica offers all the beauty, potency, and dank stank as the photoperiod version but is done and dusted in less than 10 weeks from seed to harvest.
When you light up Northern Lights Autoflower, you step into a world where relaxation reigns supreme.
The Indica dominance is obvious within a few minutes of the first inhale, with waves of pure euphoric bliss washing over the body. It provides a very soothing and calming high, perfect for anyone needing a quiet night doing whatever makes them happy - gaming, cooking, reading, or binge-viewing that new must-watch.
The potency of Northern Lights Auto tops out at around 19% THC, so you're not necessarily going to be fully rocked, but NL Auto isn't about that - it's about unwinding and forgetting the day-to-day stresses.
On the medical front, Northern Lights Autoflower is a true powerhouse.
Struggling with chronic pain or inflammation issues? NL Auto provides unbeatable relief. Dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress? The euphoric anxiolytic effects of Northern Lights can make a huge difference.
And if you're battling insomnia, the sedative properties of NL Auto can help you quickly drift off and stay asleep all night long.
It's almost like stepping into a time machine and stepping out to the canals and chaos of Amsterdam in the late '90s. This one is about pure Indica enjoyment, so expect a thick, creamy smoke that will tease your taste buds.
Aromas? The first thing that hits you when smoking Northern Lights Autoflower is its unmistakable stank. The dankness is off the scales, with very little sweetness to write home about. A rich, earthy base complemented by pine notes and a spicy base. The taste is just as punchy and hangs around for a long time after the smoke is gone.
Growing Northern Lights Autoflower seeds is about as easy as growing weed comes, making it one of the top choices for not only beginners, but also experienced growers looking for a quick turnaround of top-notch weed.
This strain typically finishes within 8-10 weeks, reaching heights of 80cm-120cm. Its structure is as Indica as it comes - robust and bushy, perfectly suited for a range of climates, but really excelling in slightly cooler temps.
Expect yields of 200-300gr/m² (or about 140 grams per plant) when you get everything right, but even in less-than-ideal conditions, you'll end up filling your jars.
If you are growing outdoors, wait until the time is right - Northern Lights Auto explodes in the first few weeks, so making sure that the chances of night frost are minimal is essential.
Don't overfeed NL Auto, particularly during its first 3 weeks. Northern Lights Auto does best in cannabis-specific soil mixes that are lighter in nutrients - overfeeding can lead to tiny buds!
Use low-stress training techniques before flowering begins to boost the harvest - Bending the branches carefully and tying them down will open up the plant structure and allow light to penetrate deep into the canopy, ultimately increasing yields.
No need to change the light cycle when the flowers start - Keep the lights on 20 hours a day for the best bud development.
Most growers understand that Indica-dominant plants offer the densest buds, but Northern Lights Auto?
The buds on NL Auto are the most compact of Auto Seeds' entire auto menu, especially when grown under lights. Not the biggest by any means, but when the temps drop below 65°F at night, those purple speckles really come to the fore, and the trichome covering? Truly next level.
How often do we get the chance to grow a legend? Well, all the time, but one that goes from seed to harvest in less than 10 weeks, offers huge medical benefits, and is about as relaxing as can be?
Northern Lights Autoflower is made for anyone who needs a break from the world, and right now, who doesn't. A super stable strain, each and every seed has the potential to push out more than 140 grams of the best-looking bud this side of 1989, and the sweet, earthy smoke is what we all know and love.
Northern Lights x Ruderalis

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Northern Lights x Ruderalis
Harvest Month:
10 Weeks from seed
Plant height:
Flowering type:
Pine, Spicy, Earthy
Mostly Indica (80% Indica 20% Sativa)
300 gr/m2
Relaxing, Calming, Sleepy
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