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Blue Dream Auto
Blue Dream Autoflower is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, bred by crossing Blue Dream and Sweet Tooth genetics with a sprinkling of Ruderalis genetics to keep that seed to harvest timing under 11 weeks. It offers potent uplifting effects (ranging between 15 to 20% THC), a more Indica growth pattern than most Sativa-dominant options combined with a delicious mix of blueberry, cherry, clementine, and pine flavours.
Blue Dream Autoflower stays very much in line with her photoperiod namesake, offering up a classic Sativa-based palette of effects. A slow builder, you can expect the peak of effects after 20 minutes or so, and continue on for about 2 hours before the train starts to slow.
The punchy high is rarely overwhelming, which is one of the main reasons why Blue Dream took over the medical scene quickly in the early 2000s. For recreational users, you can expect a heady buzz filled with creative energy, inspiration and motivation. A classic "get sh** done" strain, and perfect for long days or even longer nights.
Euphoric, uplifting, and mood-boosting, Blue Dream Autoflower is a great option for an early afternoon smoke with friends.
Blue Dream Auto is one of the most sought-after medical strains, for a few key reasons;  She's easy to grow and takes less than 11 weeks, seed to harvest. The high is euphoric and mood-boosting, great for those suffering from depression, anxiety or stress. She offers pain relief without any couchlock or heavy sedation. Her uplifting effects can help with morning fatigue and those low motivation days.
Tasty as the day is long, and about as loud as any of the modern diesel strains, Blue Dream Auto has an amazing mix of blueberry, cherry, and clementine flavours with a perfect undercurrent of dank.
She's a real lingerer, with the flavours partying on for ages after you've stopped toking. The blueberry and cherry notes are by far the strongest, with a lovely skunky layer that plays well with the sweetness.
When it comes to the aroma, Blue Dream Auto is one of those strains you can smell coming a mile away. A potent mix of fresh berries, citrus and woody scents, and the opposite of shy.
The terpene profile is dominated by Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene, and the smoke is about as smooth as they come. She only gets better with age, so cure for as long as possible!
Like all autos, the first few weeks are super important. Blue Dream Autoflower grows at a ridiculous rate when you have everything dialled in, and that's what you will be wanting to do for the entire grow. No transplanting and no high humidity. Keep the humidity in check and you'll be rewarded with a massive monster of an auto that delivers up a truly crazy yield.
Keep all stress training minimal and only during the vegetative stage, and no HST techniques at all.
Blue Dream Autoflower is best suited to be treated like the princess she is, with LST and ScrOG most effective in boosting yields and keeping the plant manageable. The bushier than most Sativa growth pattern lends itself perfectly to these two training techniques, allowing all of the bud sites to receive equal light penetration and airflow.
Overall, Blue Dream Autoflower is a beginner-friendly strain with high resilience to pests and diseases, but you will need to support the branches as they start to get heavy with buds.
The bag appeal with Blue Dream Autoflower is simply next level. Who doesn't want purple buds?
The gorgeous layers of deep and rich purple/blue hues that can appear when grown correctly are truly a sight to behold. Combined with the bright orange hairs and thick, sticky trichomes, Blue Dream Autoflower is up there with the best-looking buds of all time!
The medium-sized nuggets are also very dense, so the bag is going to weigh heavy, and when cured to perfection she is a real pleasure to smoke.
If you haven't yet had the pleasure of watching a couple (or more) of Blue Dream Autoflower's deep purple buds appear overnight, you are missing out. A massive yielder and one of the best-looking strains out there, she is also very beginner-friendly and perfect for those looking for a quick turnaround on their grow.
Treat yourself to some Blue Dream Autoflower seeds, and jump aboard the purple bud train today!
Blue Dream x Sweet Tooth

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Fresh berries. citrus, woody
THC Content:
Blue Dream x Sweet Tooth
Harvest Month:
11 Weeks from seed
Medical properties:
Depression, Anxiety, Stress
Plant height:
Flowering type:
Blueberry, Berry, Sweet
Mostly Sativa (75% Sativa 25% Indica)
350-400 gr/m2
Uplifting, Energising
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