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Dogstar Dawg Auto Flowering Seeds

Introducing Dogstar Dawg Auto, a popular auto version of Big Head's renowned Dogstar Dawg. This sativa dominant hybrid, derived from the Chemdawg line, is adorned with a beautiful crystal-like appearance, reminiscent of a starry night sky. The buds, which are of medium size, showcase a delightful mix of light and dark green shades, accompanied by hints of yellow and orange pistils.

Upon encountering this strain, its potent diesel aroma immediately captures your senses, complemented by subtle undertones of pine and citrus. When ignited, the thick smoke intensifies the diesel flavors, resulting in an exceptionally dank experience that is sure to impress cannabis enthusiasts.

Not only does Dogstar Dawg Auto provide a rapid and powerful impact, but its effects also endure for a considerable duration. It delivers a surge of sativa energy and euphoria, making it the perfect choice for social gatherings and outdoor activities. Additionally, it has a tendency to induce the munchies and laughter, enhancing its appeal as an excellent party indulgence.

Chemdawg line

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Pungent, diesel tones, pine and citrus notes
THC Content:
Chemdawg line
Harvest Month:
8 Weeks
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
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