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CBG-Force Auto Feminised Seeds

Why choose Auto CBG-Force feminised seeds?

Auto CBG-Force is a CBG-rich autoflower strain that is suitable for beginners and experts alike. It has a high CBG level of 10-15% and an extremely low THC level (

This strain is easy to grow and has a good yield. It can be grown indoors, in greenhouses, and even outdoors.

Auto CBG-Force is recommended for both recreational and medical users. It provides a mild and relaxing effect without getting you high.

The strain has a floral and spicy aroma with hints of mint, pine, and wood. The taste is slightly sour and floral with notes of lemon and cinnamon. It is smooth and enjoyable to smoke.

Auto CBG-Force has a unique terpene profile, which contributes to its distinct smell and taste. The combination of terpenes makes it appealing to enthusiasts.

With its high CBG content and low THC percentage, Auto CBG-Force is suitable for licensed producers as well as recreational and medicinal growers.

Overall, Auto CBG-Force offers a unique high and smoking experience with its high CBG levels and low THC content. It is a strain with great potential for both recreational and medicinal use.


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