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Yumbolt Feminised Seeds

Introducing the delightful cannabis seeds that offer a mouth-watering experience like no other in the marijuana market. Hailing from the renowned Humboldt County, this exceptional strain has put Sagarmatha's expertise to the test. The team at Sagarmatha were so impressed by the array of exquisite aromas that they all eagerly participated in the selection process. Boasting the same growth pattern as the original Yumboldt, these seeds produce compact buds adorned with layers upon layers of resin glands. For enthusiasts who appreciate the true essence of Indica, this strain is an absolute must. Its effects are calming without leaving you in a daze, making it perfect for relaxation. Prepare to be the talk of the party as the alluring scent of your joints fills the air. The aroma is so potent that it could easily be bottled and sold as the finest cannabis fragrance, ensuring every puff is a delight.


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Flowering time:
60 days
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica
Indoors 350 gr/m2 (Dried)
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