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Landrace Warden
Landrace  Warden
Quetta City Regular Seeds

Quetta City is a strain of cannabis seeds originating from the Quetta region of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is a robust and resilient strain that can withstand pests, diseases, and drought. It thrives in arid and cold climates, making it suitable for mountainous regions and dry areas. Quetta City is also known for being easy to grow.

The plants grown from these seeds are tall, reaching heights of 150-170 cm. While most plants have a purple color, some variants are green. The leaves can be either broad or narrow. The plants have low feeding requirements.

The flowering period for Quetta City is relatively long, taking 7-9 weeks. In northern latitudes, the harvest can be done in September to early October. Each plant yields 300-500 grams of large and dense buds that have vibrant calyxes. The high resin content of this strain makes it ideal for making hash and other extracts.

Quetta City has a distinctive aroma with strong, acrid, phenolic notes, accompanied by hints of fuel, sour grapes, and sandalwood. The taste is woody, smooth, and nutty. When consumed, this strain provides a balanced effect, calming the mind while inducing physical relaxation.

Landrace heirloom

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THC Content:
No data
Flowering time:
7 to 9 weeks
Landrace heirloom
Harvest Month:
September, October
Plant height:
Medium (100-200cm)
Flowering type:
Indica Dominant
High (450-750gr/plant)
balanced, calming in the mind, couch lock in the body with lasting relaxation
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