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Payment Options

When you choose to buy your cannabis seeds from The Vault, you can be certain that your privacy and security will be fully protected at all times.

Regardless of the method you choose, no reference as to the nature of your order will appear in any of your statements, meaning that aside from your buds here at The Vault, no one will be any the wiser as to what you have ordered from us.

If you’re in the process of deciding which payment method suits you best, simply cast your eyes over this handy guide to all of our accepted payment methods to find out more…

Pay by Credit / Debit Card

The Vault accepts credit and debit cards (VISA & Mastercard) for 100% secure payment, using the latest, most robust and trusted industry-standard technologies.  Credit or Debit Card Transactions made via The Vault will show up discreetly on your statement (They’ll be marked: ‘The Vault’ or The Vault - 01312100083), with not even the slightest indication given as to the nature of what you have ordered. We are now accpting credit and debit card payments in USA and Canada**!

** If you are ordering from outside the UK, we would advise you to contact your card provider to inform them that you are making an international purchase from a UK gift shop. They should be able to open up your card to allow international transactions, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Bank Transfer

If you would like to use a bank transfer to pay for your transaction with The Vault, we’ve made the whole process incredibly slick, simple and safe, for your peace of mind.

Just use The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store as normal, making sure to select the ‘Bank Transfer’ option in the ‘payment’ section of the checkout.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.

Please note that the currency in the UK is the British Pound (GBP), NOT the euro. -  if you are sending a bank transfer from overseas please instruct your bank to make the payment to us in GBP.

Please let us know once you’ve sent us the payment via bank transfer, using our quick contact form, to ensure the swiftest, most efficient service possible.

Please check what fees your bank will charge for bank transfers and exchange rates if applicable and make sure to cover those as well, as we will not be able to dispatch your order until we receive the correct amount.

US Bank Transfers: US customers can pay in US Dollars by Wire Transfer, AHC Payment or Bill Pay to our US Bank (details and instructions will be provided on order completion & a copy of the information also will be sent by email to your order email address).

Order by Phone

If you’d rather speak to a friendly, helpful member of our team and place your order over the phone, we can sort you out, buddy!

Just give us a call on:

  • 07949276118 (If you’re calling from the UK)
  • 011 44 7949276118 (If you’re calling from the US)
  • (Your country exit code) 44 7949276118 (If you’re calling from any other country)

Our office hours are:

  • Mon-Friday: 9:00 hrs – 17:00 hrs GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

If we are not available, please feel free to leave us a voicemail message with a contact number or email address and a member of our team will be in touch to provide assistance.

Pay by Post (Cash Payment) 

The Vault is happy to accommodate customers who wish to pay in cash by post.

Just use The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store as normal, then select the Cash Payments option in the ‘payment’ section of the checkout and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.

Once we receive your payment, your order will be sent to our warehouse for processing.

Please send your payment, order name and number to the following address:

The Vault
Unit 16, 30 Bankhead Drive
EH11 4EQ
United Kingdom

For your own peace of mind, we recommend that postal payments are sent to us via a Tracked Delivery Service.

Please do not send any kind of Cheque or Money Order as we cannot cash them.

US Postal Payments: US customers can send postal payments to our US Address in US Dollars (details and instructions will be provided on order completion & a copy of the information also will be sent by email to your order email address). 



If you require an additional layer of stealth and would like to use the super discreet cryptocurrency, BitCoin, simply use The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store as normal then select the ‘Bitcoin’ option in the ‘payment’ section of the checkout.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.

  • Once your order has been placed, you’ll be given a unique wallet id which you can then use to transfer payment to The Vault via your BitCoin wallet.
  • Upon receipt of your payment, we’ll pick and pack your order for immediate dispatch.

For full details on making a Bit Coin purchase for your cannabis seeds see here

Our Bit Coin address for manually submitting payments to is bc1q29e0ls6pae096neeph70v4mjwqsgsjm0ly8c6k otherwise just check out on the site as normal and the site will transfer you for bitcoin payments giving you instructions as you go.

Please always email us after you send a manual payment so we know to check the account. 

Please note that bitcoin payments are not refundable.

Your privacy matters to us

The Vault is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all customers – so you can be sure that whatever method you use to pay for your seeds, we’ll keep you safe and secure at every step.  Learn more about the measures we take to keep you protected by taking a look at our privacy policy.


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