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Some believe that the term "assassin" comes from the Arabic word Hashshashin, meaning "hashish user." Auto Assassin is a powerful strain that offers an intense buzz. Unlike other strains, Auto Assassin goes from seed to flowering stage regardless of the amount of light it receives and is ready in approximately 10 weeks. To create this strain, Short Stuff crossed a strong, sativa-dominant Auto AK47 plant with their unique Shortstuff #1 autoflowering line, resulting in this exceptional strain. Auto Assassin typically grows to about 2 feet tall but can reach up to 3 feet, with a prominent central cola and good branching. The buds of Auto Assassin are covered in THC crystals and emit a strong aroma, making it a must-have for any cannabis collection. This strain has a remarkable effect, providing a clear cerebral high due to its high THC levels, rivaling even the most renowned photo-period cannabis strains. Auto Assassin is one of Short Stuff's next-generation mid-sized autoflowering strains, combining the auto flowering characteristics of Lowryder-style strains with increased potency, faster growth, and taller stature, making it a worthy competitor to traditional photo-period cannabis strains.

AK47 Auto x Shortstuff #1

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THC Content:
AK47 Auto x Shortstuff #1
Harvest Month:
8-9 Weeks from seed
Flowering type:
Mostly Sativa
30-90 gr/pp
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