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Spanish Diesel Auto Flowering Seeds

Auto Spanish Diesel is a unique cannabis strain that originated in Spain. Its exact origins are not fully known, but it is believed to be a cross between Amnesia haze and New York City Diesel. Short Stuff breeders took this highly regarded hybrid and crossed it with their auto-line to create an incredible new strain.

Auto Spanish Diesel grows quickly and develops multiple branches early on. It takes on a Christmas tree shape and outgrows other auto strains in your grow room. At first, it may appear skinny due to its rapid growth, but soon the buds will fill out, resulting in multiple elongated colas.

At harvest time, you will have a large plant covered in greasy, resin-coated buds that emit a well-known fuel-like smell. Along with the diesel scent, there is a delightful orangey tang that fills the room when you brush against the buds. Once dried, the buds have a tight structure and release a wonderful aroma when cracked open.

When smoked, Auto Spanish Diesel offers an expansive, tangy, and zesty flavor that tantalizes the taste buds. The effect is a combination of a sativa high and indica stone. Initially, the smoker experiences a gradual buzz and mild euphoria, leading to a deep stoned feeling with continued use.

Auto Spanish Diesel is an easy-to-grow strain that performs well indoors or outdoors. Its multiple branches make it ideal for a Sea of Green (SOG) setup and can yield impressive results. It is part of Short Stuff's Boutique Line, which features cutting-edge autoflowering genetics that push the boundaries of what can be achieved with autos. All the strains in the Boutique Line are big, tall, heavy-yielders and have been developed by Short Stuff's expert breeders.

(New York City Diesel x Amnesia Haze) x Ruderalis

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Fuel, orange tang
(New York City Diesel x Amnesia Haze) x Ruderalis
Harvest Month:
8-9 Weeks from seed
Flowering type:
Mostly Sativa (60% Sativa, 40% Indica)
30-90 gr/pp
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