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Damnesia Auto-flowering is an automatic version of the original that has been crossed with a landrace ruderalis. This is a fast-flowering strain that is mostly indica but produces a distinctly sativa effect. The plants are very vigorous and can reach heights of 4 feet or better, particularly outdoors.

They have long lateral branches and medium internodes with leaves that are also very sativa in their appearance.


The smell of Damnesia Auto is very earthy: wood and moss are the dominating aromas. The smell intensifies when it is lit. The buds present as long calyxes that are full but not very dense.

They are, however, nicely coated in thick, potent resin. Flowering time for this strain is only about 9 weeks.

Grown indoors, Damnesia Auto responds well to soil or hydro and its relatively small size (usually no more than four feet) is conducive to growing SOG and ScrOG setups as well. These methods have also been known to reduce flowering time by as much as two weeks.

Greenhouse growers will also find that these plants respond well in those kinds of environments. Outdoors you will want to let them go for the full 9 weeks for best quality and yield. Most plants produce yields of about 85-100 g per.

This strain is recognized by the medical marijuana community as a pain reliever and also an appetite stimulant. The effect is strong but not overwhelming and provides the best aspects of both the indica and sativa sides with deference to the latter.

Novice growers looking for a good hybrid strain need look no further than Damnesia Auto. It has all the best characteristics of both primary types of cannabis and does not require strict light cycles or excess of sunlight owing to its auto-flowering ruderalis genes.


Skunk x Ruderalis (feminised) : 60% indica - 30% sativa - 10% Ruderalis

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A very complex blend of earthy-mossy aromas, mixed with summer flowers and blossoms. Reminds of rose and lilac
CBD Content:
Flowering time:
7 week
Skunk x Ruderalis (feminised) : 60% indica - 30% sativa - 10% Ruderalis
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Plant height:
90-120 cm
Flowering type:
Skunky flavor with notes of summer flowers and blossoms, it has a very characteristic taste
Mostly Indica
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