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Dosidos FAST Feminised Seeds

Dosidos FAST Feminised is a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Cotton Candy and Dosidos. These FAST photoperiod seeds from Atlas Seed have a 99.99% chance of producing female plants. Dosidos FAST has the ability to adapt to different growing conditions, with moderate resistance to mould and good tolerance of drought and cold. The flowering period for this strain is between 7 to 9 weeks.

Dosidos FAST produces buds that are spherical and compact, with minimal leaf development. This makes it an ideal strain for machine trimming. The mature plants of Dosidos FAST are stocky and have multiple branches. Additionally, this strain is known for its high resin production.

The scent of Dosidos is primarily characterized by sweet candy and fuel. With THC levels ranging from 20 to 28%, Dosidos has a very high potency.

Please note that Atlas Seed describes their FAST flowering strains as "semi-full term".

Cotton Candy x Dosidos

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THC Content:
Very High (25%+)
Cotton Candy x Dosidos
Indoors, Outdoors
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