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Introducing a delightful Indica Dominant strain that combines the exquisite Slurricane with the refreshing Lemon Zlushie. This mouth-watering blend includes Lemon Kush, Ice Cream Cake, Grape Zkittles, and Gelato#41. The buds are compact, solid, and highly resinous, giving them a rock-like weight. With vibrant flavors resembling tangy wild berries, vanilla frosting, and marzipan, this strain also delivers a sugary sweet ice slushie experience. Its effects start subtly and gradually intensify, offering enhanced mental stimulation and profound body relaxation. Get ready to enjoy the wonders of this remarkable strain.

Slurricane x Lemon Zlushie

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Rated: 9.5/10 based on 2 ratings by our customers

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THC Content:
Flowering time:
55-60 days
Slurricane x Lemon Zlushie
Harvest Month:
Late September/early October
Flowering type:
Tart wild berries, vanilla frosting, marzipan, ice slushies
Mostly Indica
Creeping high, cerebral stimulation, Body relaxation
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