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Phantom Cookies Domina Feminised Seeds

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Phantom Cookies Domina Feminised Seeds

Phantom Cookies Domina is 70% sativa and is a three-way strain being the result of a cross between Grand Daddy Purps, Cherry Pie and Black Domina.

Yield, taste and potency all coalesce into a sensational new strain from Garden of Green. 

This is a truly beautiful plant which displays some lovely purple colouration towards the end of florescence. It reaches 130 - 150 cm. tall and, when grown indoors, takes 8 - 9 weeks to finish flowering with yields of 550 gr/m2.

Outdoors harvest is in the first half of October in the northern hemisphere and each plant can produce around 650 gr. 

The buds have a distinctly "candy" scent and are liberally covered in sparkling crystals of resin. Flavours include cookie dough and cherry pie. THC levels are at 21% with 1% CBD. Despite being 70% sativa, the initial effect is very much that of an indica, a full-blooded, physical sensation which then evolves into an uplifting, euphorically happy state full of energy and motivation with full-focus at its core. 

Medicinally this strain is recommended for recovering from cancer treatments, ADD/ADHD, depression, fatigue, inflammation, muscle spasms and stress relief.

Ken's Grand Daddy Purps x Cherry Pie x Black Domina

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CBD Content:
Low (0-1%)
THC Content:
Flowering time:
56 - 63 days
Ken's Grand Daddy Purps x Cherry Pie x Black Domina
Greenhouse, Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
Medical conditions:
ADD/ADHD, Cancer, Depression, Fatigue, Inflammation, Muscle Spasm, Stress
Medical properties:
Plant height:
130 - 150 cm.
Flowering type:
Mostly Sativa
Body, Couch Lock, Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Happy, Uplifting
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