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Gorilla Cookies Feminised Seeds

Growers Choice has created a new and exceptional plant by combining the best qualities of two strains: gorilla glue and thin mint girl scout cookies. This strain offers a wonderful growing and smoking experience, with its sticky texture, strong aroma, and rich flavor. It truly brings together the best of both worlds. Don't miss out on this legendary strain, which is sure to impress. The plant is medium-tall, resembling an indica with its heavy side branches and prominent main cola. With THC levels averaging at 24% and some exceeding 27%, this strain is perfect for both daytime and nighttime use, promoting relaxation and creativity.

Gorilla Glue x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

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Rated: 8/10 based on 1 ratings by our customers

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Heavy, diesel
CBD Content:
THC Content:
Flowering time:
8-9 weeks
Gorilla Glue x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
Harvest Month:
Late september
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica (60% Indica, 40% Sativa)
Indoors 500-650 gr/m2, Outdoors 450-650 gr/pp
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