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Strawberry Cane Feminised Seeds

Introducing Strawberry Cane, a remarkable strain that consistently produces high yields of cannabis seeds. This extraordinary strain combines the potent Strawberry Stardawg with the renowned Slurricane from Inhouse Genetics, resulting in an exceptional and unique experience.

Strawberry Cane boasts an impressive appearance, with dense clusters of purple and gassy strawberries covered in glistening crystals. Its ability to hold multiple arms and long colas that reach for the sky is truly astounding. For those familiar with super cropping techniques, the potential of this strain is staggering.

Not only does Strawberry Cane deliver on visuals, but its effects are equally remarkable. The stone hits quickly, offering a creative and uplifting experience. It provides relief from muscle aches and irritations while aiding in appetite stimulation. Despite its strength, Strawberry Cane prioritizes comfort and relaxation, leaving users wanting more.

We are delighted to include Strawberry Cane in our selection, as it is sure to make a name for itself. However, it is important to note that this strain is potent, so please enjoy responsibly.

Strawberry Stardawg X Slurricane

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Strawberry Stardawg X Slurricane
Medical conditions:
Lack of Appetite|Pain
Medical properties:
Flowering type:
Creative, Soothing, Strong
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