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Blueberry Bud

Introducing the new feminized version of one of the most delicious and distinctive plants available - Blueberry Bud cannabis seeds. Developed through a collaboration between DjShort and Sagarmatha, these seeds offer a remarkable strain that is now accessible to all. Creating this exceptional product was no easy feat, as the selection process involved aligning the aroma, taste, color, bud formation, and eliminating hermaphroditic tendencies. Months of dedication and countless plants were required to achieve this result. But now, it is here for you. These remarkable blue marbles are sure to captivate every smoker and delight every cannabis enthusiast. While not ideal for large-scale production, every grower should aim for one harvest a year to ensure they possess the finest stash in town. With Blueberry Bud, your marijuana menu will be complete.


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Flowering time:
60 days
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
300 gr/m2 (dried)
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