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N13 Kush Feminised Seeds

N13 Kush Feminized is a highly impressive strain of cannabis seeds. It combines the genes of G13 Hash Plant and Nicole Kush, resulting in a 90% indica, 10% sativa dominance. This indica dominance is evident in the deeply relaxing stone it provides. The plants themselves are compact and have a quick flowering time, making them ideal for growers. They also produce impressive yields.

The aroma and taste of N13 Kush Feminized are earthy, with hints of berry and pine. Nicole Kush, one of the parent plants, adds a sweet and woody flavor with notes of lemon. Developed by Sensi Seeds, this strain has a strong genetic lineage, including Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant and award-winning Nicole Kush.

These feminized seeds eliminate the need to identify and remove male plants, making it easier for novice growers. The flowering time is relatively short, ranging from 50 to 65 days. The plants remain compact and can be grown discreetly both indoors and outdoors. They have a classic indica appearance, with a thick central cola and bushy branches.

One of the standout features of N13 Kush Feminized is the impressive harvest it produces. The weighty, resinous buds result in bumper yields, making it a popular choice among growers. Regardless of whether it is grown indoors or outdoors, this strain typically delivers sizable harvests.

Cultivating N13 Kush Feminized using techniques such as SCROG, SOG, lollipopping, and supercropping often yield good results. It is important to note that if grown outdoors, a continental climate with plenty of warmth and sunlight is required.

As a 90% indica strain, N13 Kush Feminized offers a distinctly indica personality. However, there is a hint of sativa influence that can be detected in the aroma, taste, and effect. Users often report a fast-acting sense of deep relaxation and warmth, accompanied by a feeling of thoughtfulness and inspiration.

During cultivation, the plants emit a pleasant earthy scent with hints of berry and pine. This aroma becomes more pronounced as harvest-time approaches and during the curing process. The taste is a perfect combination of the sweet flavors of Nicole Kush and the popular hashy notes of Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant, with the berry flavor remaining prominent.

N13 Kush Feminized brings together the best of US and Sensi Seeds genetics, making it a highly desirable choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant x Nicole Kush

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Earthy, hint of berry and pine
Flowering time:
50-65 Days
Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant x Nicole Kush
Flowering type:
Mostly Indica (90% Indica, 10% Sativa)
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