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American Line Double Banana Kush Feminised

White Label has developed Double Banana Kush Feminized cannabis seeds by crossing the best f1 Banana Kush phenotype with its OG Kush parent. This has resulted in a strain with exceptional resin production and cannabinoid content. By breeding a fruity f2 Banana Kush with Sensi Seeds' citrussy California Indica, they have created a hybrid with a fantastic aroma, flavor, and potency. Through a special breeding program, White Label has combined these traits to create Double Banana Kush.

Double Banana Kush Feminized is primarily an indica strain, which is reflected in its tough, compact, and fast growth pattern. The addition of California Indica genetic material brings hybrid vigor to the mix, making it suitable for growth in a bright greenhouse or hot, sunny climates. While it can be grown outdoors, the most potent and resinous examples are typically seen when grown indoors under lights.

Original seed plants of Double Banana Kush may increase their height by 150% during the flowering stage. Clones, on the other hand, usually double their height during this stage. Compared to Banana Kush, Double Banana Kush generally has less vigorous branching, especially when flowered at smaller or medium sizes. This makes it ideal for Sea of Green (SOG), lollipopping, and supercropping methods. However, phenotypes with strong lateral branching similar to the Banana Kush parent plants also perform well with the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique.

During the blooming phase, Double Banana Kush produces large cone-shaped flower clusters that burst out at every node and bract before expanding along the main stem and upper branches. The size of the calyxes initially may be small, but they swell significantly in the final weeks, resulting in larger and heavier buds. The resin glands covering the calyxes are incredibly dense and must be seen to be believed.

At harvest time, Double Banana Kush plants are covered in a thick layer of sparkling trichomes, giving them a frosted appearance. The mature trichomes often change color from clear to golden, rather than amber. With proper care and attention, harvests of Double Banana Kush are usually generous.

The dried Double Banana Kush has a complex and mouth-watering aroma. It has strong banana and orange scents as its base, with hints of berry, passionfruit, and even melon. There is also a subtle dark chocolate undertone from its Afghan indica ancestors. When consumed, Double Banana Kush is the ultimate strain for relaxation, whether enjoyed alone or with friends. It provides a comfortable experience without being incapacitating.

In summary, White Label's Double Banana Kush Feminized cannabis seeds offer exceptional resin production, a complex aroma, and a relaxing experience.

Banana Kush x OG Kush

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Strong banana, orange, notes of berry and passionfruit, dark chocolate undercurrent
Flowering time:
7-10 weeks
Banana Kush x OG Kush
Flowering type:
Indica (95% Indica, 5% Sativa)
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