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Onyx is one of Short Stuff's top-selling cannabis seeds. It is a remarkable strain with impressive yields and high quality. The genetic background of Onyx, including AK47 x White Russian and diesel, contributes to its tall height and potency. This secret stabilized plant grows to be between 60 to 100cm tall and has a fruity taste. It is a great producer and is considered to be a legendary auto strain. Onyx has a stinky aroma thanks to the introduction of Diesel and delivers a strong stone effect due to the AK47. The White Russian adds plenty of THC crystals and dense flowers, making each bud from an Onyx plant substantial. Onyx is part of Short Stuff's "Next generation" autoflowering strains, which means it retains the quick flowering characteristics but is more potent, faster growing, and taller compared to traditional cannabis strains.

AK47 x White Russian x Diesel x more

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AK47 x White Russian x Diesel x more
Harvest Month:
9-10 Weeks from seed
Flowering type:
Indica / Sativa
30-90 gr/pp
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